Featured Products

Rapid Span Open Desk 1200mm

The Rapid Span Desk offers plenty of desk space for a laptop and desktop accessories. This robust de..


Rapid Vibe Open Desk 1500mm Grey

This Rapid Vibe Open 1500mm Desk is a great solution for your workspace or home office. It has an at..


Bondi EM350 High Back Mesh Chair with Adjustable Arms

The Bondi Operator High Back Ergonomic Chair is a great chair for anyone who sits at a desk for 8+ h..


EG100 High Back Operator Chair - SF Black

This Operator Chair has a fully ergonomic design to keep your comfortable all day. It has a large se..


Go Swing Door 1015mm Graphite Ripple Cupboard

The GO Stationery Cupboard is perfect for keeping your stationery secure and organised. Built from r..


Go 2 Door Locker

The GO 2 Door Locker is perfect for schools, workplaces and businesses where customer’s belongings n..


Rapidline 1500mm Wall Mounted Corkboard

This Rapidline Aluminium Frame Corkboard is great for use in the home, school or workplace. The high..


Rapidline Magnetic Whiteboard 1500x1200

The Rapidline Wall Mounted Whiteboard is a high quality commercial-grade product designed for long l..